The Scary Things You Don’t Want to do to Get Healthy

Okay, so you already know that to reach any goal it takes time and practice. Whether you are wanting to change your physical appearance, something in your business or personal life, a relationship – whatever that change is – it requires an overhaul of habits that are usually deeply rooted. But changing habits requires a lot more than just a reason to change or an increase in willpower. You need to get vulnerable and coachable and that’s scary!

We have a tendency to say, “I know what to do, I just need to do it.” But if it was really that easy then we all would have already done it. You may think you know what to do, but it may actually need a few small tweaks to create something that you can stick with. You may think you just need to do it, but there could be something holding you back from doing it and sticking with it.

We have a tendency to say, "I know what to do, I just need to do it." But if it was really that easy then we all would have already done it.

It’s a Chore!

Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t at the top of our nutritional and fitness game because the idea of getting and staying healthy seems like more of a chore than something we really WANT to do. Does that sound about right? 

Another thing that is scary is being accountable because it makes us vulnerable. We don’t want to tell people that we are doing one thing and then we don’t do it. What if we fail and other people know? That is vulnerability at its finest.

But what if you have someone safe to be vulnerable with that won’t let you quit on yourself? What if being vulnerable and being accountable is what you have needed to finally get healthy? Imagine losing 7 to 15 pounds THIS month and keeping it off and then continuing to lose more and never have it creep back on?

The American Society of Training and Development says that if you share your goals with someone, you increase your likelihood of hitting your goal by 65 percent. If you have a specific accountability appointment with someone you have committed to, you increase that chance to 95 percent. Say what!?

Ditch the Guilt and Shame

When it comes to getting healthy, there is often a lot of disappointment and shame that comes with trying to reach our goals again and again. How would you like to get healthy, lose the weight, gain more energy – all without guilt and shame? 

I tried countless times to lose weight. I followed every eating plan that I read about in a book or heard about from a friend. I tried different products and over the counter things. I tried different fitness plans. Every time I was met with another failure to add to my list of things and each time, I thought that it was the last and it was finally going to work. It was so disappointing.

We all need two things to succeed – ACCOUNTABILITY and INCENTIVE!

So, what really worked? The thing that FINALLY made it stick for me was when I joined a challenge that provided weekly weigh ins and check ins with a health coach (accountability) and a chance to win MONEY (incentive). With any goal, it is easy to lose motivation, but having an accountability system is a real game changer. Activating the power of social expectations is way more powerful than we realize. Unleash that willingness to let others help you and see what happens!

What Does Accountability Look Like?

With my clients we have Weigh-In Wednesdays. Every week on Wednesday morning they know they are going to check the scale and then we are going to review how their week has gone together. 

You can have accountability with social media too. Make a post and tell the world what your plan is then routinely share your progress. This is bolder and definitely vulnerable. I love doing this, but it is still pretty easy to slip through the cracks. Yes, people may notice if you fall off the radar and stop posting progress, but are they going to reach out to you and get you back in the game? 

Regardless of the method you choose, taking on vulnerability with accountability will require you to find a person or people that will agree to follow up with you when you stop sharing your progress. Someone that will encourage you, challenge you, and awaken that sense of empowerment and accomplishment within you. 

You will want to have set times to check in. It’s like scheduling an appointment with the dentist. You set a time and you show up. If you start getting willy nilly with the dates and times, your results will reflect that.

Ready for Me to Help with Accountability?

If you haven’t heard yet, I just reopened my 3-2-1 System for the next round of 20 people who are ready to get amazing results using an accountability system with me. We will work together in three phases to get you the results you are looking for and a program that you will be able to stick with. Of course, you know me, you will still get your favorites and not deprive yourself of anything! 

The last round of results was incredible, and those participants are in their second and third phases and seeing the best, easiest results they have ever experienced. When I asked them what their favorite part is, almost all of them said they don’t have to think about it because it is so simple to follow. 

With the right guidance and encouragement, you can achieve the goals you keep setting for your physique and energy. You can strut your stuff this summer, look good on vacation, and feel sexy and confident. You can finally smile back at the reflection in the mirror.

Leverage the power of accountability and incentive and increase your success rate by 95%!

Oh, and remember that part where I said that incentive played a role in making my weight loss a success? I didn’t forget that part. Along with all the other life-changing, fun things that my 3-2-1 System has to offer, there will also be an opportunity to get in on a chance to win $500 in CASH.

Don’t put yourself last any more. Take this step so that by this time next month you can already be down 10-15-20 pounds. How the heck does that sound? Let’s leverage the power of accountability, increase your success rate to 95 percent, and rock your results together! 

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