Sugar in Fruits – Sorting Out the Truths and Myths

How many times have you heard that fruit is bad for you because it is packed full of sugar? I myself was born into this idea that fruit was bad when I began my journey as a health coach back in the day. I lived with this fear of fruit and instilled it in my clients as well. 

I didn’t start coming to my senses about the fruit issue until the last few years, and it is even a popular thought being taught right now. Many people dismiss the healthy benefits of fruit because they believe that it is loaded with carbs and sugar. It is time to set that record straight because fruit is one of the world’s healthiest foods!

I have some personal experiences I want to share from my own trial and error with you that I think you will find mind blowing. 

It’s time to set the record straight because fruit is one of the world’s healthiest foods!

“Fruit is Full of Sugar” – That’s Just Plain Wrong

Fresh fruit offers a lot more than just the natural sugars that it contains. It is full of:

  • Water
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Fiber
  • Phytonutrients

Where else can you get that much nutrition for only 75 calories per serving (on average)? Once you put it into perspective, the idea that fruit is full of sugar and carbs just becomes nonsense. It is true that when you eat fruit, most of the carbs you are consuming come from carbohydrates. Most of those are in the form of fructose, the natural sugar in the fruit, but that is the case with all plant foods, not just fruit. 

Plant foods, both fruits and vegetables, are mostly carbohydrates, and not just from sugars. They also include healthy starches such as cellulose which provides fiber. However, you don’t hear people complaining that vegetables are full of carbs, right?!  Poor fruit, taking all the heat.

Your Body NEEDS Carbs

Carbohydrates are the preferred source of fuel for your body and they are vital for your mental and physical energy, so don’t dismiss them because of the belief that they are too high in carbs or sugars. We need to consider the FORM of the carbohydrates too, not just the amount, because there is a big difference in the nutritional value of a natural carbohydrate, like what is found in fruits and vegetables, and the carbohydrates that result from the added sugars in things like desserts and soda, and yes even your favorite coffee drink. There are even carbs in the form of added sugars in sauces, dressings, and even “healthier” foods like yogurt and granola. 

For example, an average orange has about 12 grams of natural sugar. With that orange you are also getting a full day’s worth of Vitamin C, some folic acid and potassium, and 3 grams of fiber. Plus, it only has some 50-60 calories. 

By contrast, a 20 ounce soda has about 225 calories and it won’t be providing you with any vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, or minerals. You’ll just be chugging down some artificial flavors and colors and about 60 grams of added sugar. 

An average orange has about 12 grams of natural sugar, plus Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, and 3 grams of fiber for only 50-60 calories.


By contrast, a 20 ounce soda has about 225 calories, but won’t provide you with any vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, or fiber. Your only getting around 60 grams of sugar and artificial colors and flavors.  

My Little Secret

So, there is something about me that many of you don’t know. Due to some medical issues, I spent about 90 days – 3 MONTHS – eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. I was eating 400 grams of carbs and over 200 grams of natural sugars per DAY! And you know what? I lost weight (7 pounds in 3 weeks), was FULL of energy, and felt AMAZING!

I went 3 MONTHS eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. And I lost weight, was FULL of energy, and felt AMAZING!

Fruits are not our enemy. They are our very good friends. So be conscientious of the influences that are telling us that the foods God made for us are bad for us just because they have natural sugar and by definition are carbohydrates. Fruits are natural, highly nutritious, and fibrous foods that our bodies NEED. So put on a movie and snuggle up with your new BFF – FRUIT!!

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