I’m Out of Quarantine! AND I Want to Help You Gain Clarity.

In case you didn’t see it somewhere else, I was one of the “lucky” ones who got to spend two weeks in quarantine due to coronavirus. Last week my 14 days were up and let me tell you, spending two weeks all alone gives you a lot of time to think and plan. So, I have a lot of hope and love to give you today. 

Being alone in quarantine may sound unimaginable to you, but honestly, it wasn’t really that bad. We have choices when it comes to facing new experiences and obstacles, and I chose to make the most of it. Of course, there was some frustration and a few tears shed, mostly due to the lack of answers. 

Whether it feels like it or not right at the moment, I think we all have the potential to come out of this with some new routines that are born out of our true passions and priorities. 

Staying, and being, healthy is top of mind for nearly everyone in the world right now, and if you don’t know me already, I’m a Healthy Living Strategist. It is important to have a routine, but especially in times like we are facing right now. A sense of normalcy is necessary to keep us from going stir crazy. Whether it feels like it or not right at the moment, I think we all have the potential to come out of this with some new routines that are born out of our true passions and priorities. 

Gaining Clarity

I have had a TON of people reach out to me over the past few weeks saying this is the time they want to use to get their health routines in order. And I agree that now is the perfect time for that. We don’t have many of the typical distractions that we would have in a “normal” day. However, there is more to getting healthy than just creating a routine. Clarity for what you want for your health, how you want to achieve it, and how you can stick with it are vital for your success. To help you dive deep, grab a copy of my FREE Clarity Into Action: The Armor Against Distractions and Self Sabotage to Weight Loss workbook

My workbook takes you through step by step to learn your true goals, your why, your self-sabotage triggers and so much more, so you don’t get overwhelmed. As women, we tend to overcomplicate getting healthy, and there’s a reason why. When it comes to nutrition and weight loss there is so much “noise” aka info out there that it is easy to get inundated and distracted by the latest and greatest fads. 

You don’t need to answer these questions now, but to get clarity I’m going to ask you to think not just about what you want to change physically, but what needs to change mentally and emotionally as well as identifying habits that you don’t even realize are in the way. In my workbook, I will walk you through questions that will help you determine what needs to be clarified and changed to clear the path to a new you. 

Comfort vs. Discomfort

Have you noticed that there has been an increase in advertisements for all things comfort-related? Leggings, pajamas, movies, comfort food – you name it. And there’s a reason why. Right now we are all facing a new situation and we just want to be comfortable and have a sense of normalcy. But did you know that comfort itself can ultimately cause discomfort? Sounds odd, right? How you use that discomfort can make or break your weight loss and health goals. 

Think about it. How long were you up and moving this morning before you showered and got out of your PJs? Are you sitting on the couch all day, eating convenience foods, and watching movies? Does any of that sound familiar? Honestly, no judgment. I have fallen into this trap too. But that is also how I was able to pinpoint this feeling of comfort causing discomfort. It just doesn’t quite feel right. Comfy, yes! Right, not quite. The question here is, is it helping you reach your health goals? I think we all know the answer to that.

As humans, we thrive off of doing. Even though it’s a good thing to take it easy and relax from time to time, too many days of that can really wreak havoc. Try getting creative with your grocery list and make a new recipe or two. Create a schedule that will keep you up and moving some to help maintain a sense of normalcy. This doesn’t need to be a booked out schedule with every hour filled in, but maybe set one or two things down to do daily to create a new normal and a sense of accomplishment.

The Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation

How many times have you created a plan and knew exactly what you needed to do to finally get healthy, but then you simply didn’t stick with the plan? You know those times that it was Monday, the beginning of the new year, the beginning of the month and you were ready to finally stick with it. 

When we are at home and being inactive – which is very easy to do right now – we can turn into melancholic prisoners

When we are at home and being inactive – which is very easy to do right now – we can turn into melancholic prisoners. When we repetitively only do things that are comfortable to us, it’s almost like it sends an alert to our inner being that tells us we’re not taking advantage of the things that we are truly capable of and it makes us miserable, many times on a subconscious level so we aren’t even aware of it. We just know we feel OFF. 

Don’t mistake this as me trying to make you feel bad if you’ve been in your PJ’s for three days straight. There’s no right or wrong way to feel right now. We are all in completely different spaces and you are where you are. You will find no judgment from me.  Remember, I offer a judgment-free zone. I simply wanted to point out that if you are feeling OFF, maybe find something to switch up that will get you out of the rut.

There’s no right or wrong way to feel right now.

So, how do we get past that desire to stay in our PJ’s all day, curled up on the couch, and eating junk food? Comfort is usually the acceptance of a huge discomfort that we are facing. And boy are we facing discomfort and uncertainty right now. 

The key to battling discomfort is to recognize that it is happening and uncover it. Some of the big reasons for discomfort are blame, shame, guilt, and fear. I touch on many of these things in my Clarity Into Action workbook. 

I want to help you understand that just like there is a distinction between comfort and discomfort, there is also a difference between conviction and condemnation, and understanding how they impact you will make a difference in how you move forward and whether or not you succeed. 

Losing weight and getting out of your comfort zone isn’t just about creating the perfect plan. It’s about how you treat yourself when you make a mistake. Condemnation is that ugly voice that makes you feel terrible when you make a mistake. It says things like “you’re never going to be healthy,” “you are the worst,” and “you’re just meant to be miserable.” Conviction, on the other hand, highlights what caused you to make the mistake and helps you make changes so it doesn’t happen again. 

Right Now is Your Time

Right now is an amazing time to focus on yourself and get healthy. While things may seem to be falling apart on the outside right now, this is the perfect time to put things together on the inside to clear the way for a new, healthier you. My Clarity Into Action workbook can help you put words to your discomfort, to your condemnation, to your comfort, to your conviction so that you can explore what is really going on inside and make the changes you need to finally soar to a new level. What are you waiting for?

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