About Erin

My story of health and wellness began almost 10 years ago when I found myself in a tight size 17…

not buttoning my pants so that I could still wear my clothes.

I was refusing to buy clothing that fit because it meant I would have to shop in the Plus Size clothing and I just did not want to go there.

I was overweight, overstressed, and overworked!

I went straight from work to home (no errands, no fun, nothing) to get immediately into my pajamas and veg on the couch in order to “re-energize” so that I could get up the next day and do it all over again.

Rinse and repeat of feeling miserable.

I needed a change! I wanted a change!

I just had no clue HOW to make a change STICK and WORK!!

I share this because after 9 years of working with and coaching others on what I have done to get healthy and happy, one of the main struggles I have found is that people like you and I desperately want a change, but they do not know how to go about it and make it STICK!

I made a decision, and I went from a tight size 17 to a size 4 prior to having children.

I lost 44 pounds initially, and then I started having kids.

After both of my children (now 7 and 4) I lost the weight again. And then again.

I lost over 50 pounds and dropped to a size 2 after both of my kiddos.

This was in NO WAY ever my goal and it may not be yours…

I simply wanted to feel better about ME!!  

Can you relate?

What I found is when I TRULY learned how to lose weight and keep it off, the pounds just kept leaving and I crushed my hopes and dreams of being a size 8.

I’m more fit, healthy, and happy than I was in my 20’s!! 

And I am now creeping up on 40-shhh

I learned by trial and error. 

I taught myself how to cook .

I knew nothing about cooking except maybe how to make Rotel and Velveeta dip…

I studied and tried what felt like a million different “plans,” ideas, products, and programs.

As I “failed forward” I learned the in’s and out’s and the how’s and the why’s of why some things work, why some things work short term (and then we gain it all back), and why somethings stick with us for life.

I learned how to feel AMAZING inside and out and I now help others do the same!!!

I have had many people ask me what I cook, how I prep, what I eat when and why.

I love helping others find their healthy happy self which is why I’m bringing you this site with an inside look into how I have done what I have done, how I help others do what I have done, and how I help others help others do what we have done.

If you learn and apply everything here about health, wellness, and happiness to your life you’ll find yourself to be a healthier and happier YOU.

Together we can empower those that need a change, want a change, and wish and pray for a change to have confidence that they CAN do it!

Let’s do this together!!!

Each of us affects all of us and I promise we can all have our cake and EAT IT too!!!

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