9 Ways to Rock Out Your Water

Most of us know that in general, we don’t drink enough water. We hear we “should.” We are given a gazillion reasons why it is so wonderful (skin, digestion, energy, joints, organ function, WEIGHT LOSS), yet we don’t for a variety of reasons. Can you relate to one of more of these?

  • “I don’t like water.” 
  • “I get so busy I forget.” 
  • “It makes me go to the bathroom too often.” 
  • “I want to drink more water, but I don’t know how to fit in more.”

So, we have our reasons – our limitations – but it’s vital!!! Bottom line: every cell, tissue, and organ NEEDS water in order to function properly. I know, THAT isn’t motivating enough – so remember you need it to flush junk from your body so you can lose weight,  ward off sickness, have energy, decrease joint and muscle pains, and did I mention ENERGY!!! (oh yeah, I did) So what are we to do?!?

Here are 9 Tips to beat those objections SO YOU CAN get all the amazing, wonderful benefits to drinking that water.

See It – It’s super powerful to SEE how much water you tend to drink and your progress. Have the total amount in a container (jug, pitcher, etc) and have it out on the counter at home or your desk at work. This visual will be a guide all day long and an active reminder to take a sip!

Hear It – Ha, set alarms throughout the day that will remind you to go take a sip of water. Set regular alarms on the phone or download a fun app. My favorite apps are the ones that have cool water sounds as the alarm. Nothing like the sound of the rain, a waterfall, or gentle stream to remind you to drink water and help you develop an awesome habit!

Love It – What Erin? But I don’t love it? Yes, but LOVE a cool new water bottle or container. Take a few bucks and invest in a water bottle that you love the design of, the colors, a cool saying, the way it feels, WHATEVER floats your boat!! Get something that YOU LOVE and you’ll be sure to carry around and cherish. You may not be in the habit of loving what is inside it YET, but if you love the container you will have it, see it, and drink more!!

Cool It – Make your water cool! For many, cold water often seems more refreshing than room temperature water. Try stashing a bottle of water in your freezer, and carry it with you during the day. It will stay cold for several hours. Or when you get your neat, new favorite bottle maybe you get one that keeps it cold all day!

Wake up to it – Good morning sunshine! Keep some water by your bed and drink the glass before your feet even hit the ground. Talk about starting your day off POWERFULLY!

Sip it – Try using a straw. This is huge for me. I drink way more water from a bottle with a straw then I ever do a kitchen glass or a regular water bottle. I don’t know why this is – maybe it’s just more FUN – I’m sure that’s it for me lol. Maybe it is because we generally take larger sips. I am not sure on the science behind it, but I know the hocus pocus works on me so maybe it can for you too.

Flavor it – Speaking of science, make your water a fun experiment. Add a slice of fresh lemon or lime, some cucumber, a few berries, some fresh mint or a slice of fresh ginger to your water. It makes it feel special and adds a hint of refreshing flavor. They have some super cool water diffuser bottles now and many even come with recipes – for your water! Have fun!!! 

Eat it – Yep, Erin has lost her mind. What is she talking about? Here’s the skinny…have it as your appetizer to your meal. Not only will having a glass before your meal help you hit your water goal for the day, but it could curb your appetite too.

Track it – Just do it! Knowledge is power! With the first tip I mentioned, you know you reached your goal when the water is done. There are also apps for your phone that will help you track. These are the same apps that will make a fun noise to remind you to drink. We all love recognition. Many of the apps will even throw you a little virtual party each day when you reach your goals. If you like the kudos (I know I do), I would recommend one that does something fun when you rock your goal. A little song and confetti never hurt anyone.

There is one thing I like to tell the people I work with and that is to just try to improve yourself one percent everyday instead of 100% overnight. So, cheers to better hydration and better health! (With water of course!)

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